The Oyo State capital Ibadan is a pride city in South-West Nigeria, a place that is economical to live with the exciting historical background of exploits of great warriors such as Balogun Ogunmola, Efunsetan Aniwura etc Ibadan is also a City with rich Political history of the great Western region. Capital of the old western region which boasts of many political juggernauts who wrote their names in the sand of time. The City Hubs of elites and splendour.
Talk of food, your visit to Ibadan is not yet complete without having to taste a smoothly prepared Amala and Abula combined with assorted beefs. Wooah! A heavenly enjoyment on planet Earth…..
Ibadan holds many Government assets. The first Television Station in Africa and radio station, the first skyscraper, the popular Cocoa House, the Liberty stadium among others. Talk of markets, have you been to Dugbe, Agbeni market, Ojo-oba or Gbagi, these are integral elements that shaped the uniqueness of the city called Ibadan.

The housing system in Ibadan boasts of old rich British architecture with a typical example of great Mapo Hall. Walking around Bere, oh! Under the brown rusted roof, housing with old mud bricks, a hallmark of prestige. Ibadan is the best place to relax with lots of top historical hotels such as Premier Hotel, Kakanfo Inn and Total Garden Resort, Ilaji resorts, as relaxation spots. A place where you can enjoy calm serenity.
The city plan cut across Residential, industrial, institutional and commercial areas plans too from Oluyole industrial area to Jericho, to Bodija, down to the new Ibadan city at Ologuneru which our United Estate Ologuneru Extension is located, along with the Ido – Eruwa road
Your medical and academics needs are well covered and would never be a problem as you have the presence of the University College Hospital Ibadan, Adeoyo Hospital, the premier University of Ibadan, College of Agriculture, School of Survey among others
Do you know that your trip to Lagos has also been made easier with great comfort via the new Rail Project having its loading terminal close to United Estate Ologuneru Extension Ibadan?

If there are options for you to choose, I will advise you choose to stay, live and prosper in the city of our Pride, The Great Ibadan city.
Buy property with us in Ibadan and enjoy these loads uniqueness of the great City and get the best value for your Investment.

By Shola Obadimu